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Anon Ymous

Sun Mar 1 07:21:46 2020
<8f79fcda> The coins work
<8f79fcda> I got a kit just so it’s clean and simple
<5547a085> At $18/oz, thats pretty economical
<5547a085> <@U0F3N7HC0> Costco on 183/mopac sold out of rice and toilet paper at 1 pm today
<5547a085> All the Home Depots in town are out of face masks
<8f79fcda> I got a 1000ml beaker
<8f79fcda> My Lowe’s was today
<8f79fcda> But I got a full mask respirator like 2+weeks ago
<5547a085> I picked up an after market gas mask + filter from navy surplus store though
<8f79fcda> And today I got work glasses with the gasket for around my eyes
<5547a085> lol
<5547a085> Yeah, the surplus store has those too
<8f79fcda> And a painters suit, cloth head covering, and heavy duty gloves
<8f79fcda> And a shit ton of nitrile gloves
<5547a085> Lol dude you are ready for full plague mode
<8f79fcda> Yeah man
<8f79fcda> I ain’t fucking around
<8f79fcda> I may paint a big Red Cross on the suit
<8f79fcda> *Desu vult intensifies***
<5547a085> I’m mostly concerned with food and fuel, the supply chain disruption is the real threat for me here in ATX atm
<8f79fcda> Yea, I got a bunch of shelf stable dry goods too so I’m feeling alright
<5547a085> I’ve got about 1000 miles of fuel, a few months of food
<8f79fcda> 50lbs of rice is 1800 calories a day for ~3 months
<8f79fcda> With rationing and low energy exertion I could expand that to 5 months probs
<5547a085> My budget may go up to those other items depending like, precisely on the progression of the next few weeks
<5547a085> I need a bunker babe
<5547a085> To make babies with and repopulate humanity
<5547a085> Polygamy cults make total sense to me at times like this
<8f79fcda> There’s biblical precedent for that

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