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Anon Ymous

Mon Feb 3 21:36:08 2020
<773ab1f1> So I just got done talking with Simon mak. Seemed sharp and was a good speaker. Probs a good professor. He is at the intersection of blockchain and entrepreneurship
<773ab1f1> To give ya a quick idea of where he stands: he had Cody and dr bitcoin come teach his students. So to him, that was the bleeding edge.
<773ab1f1> He has gotten so caught up in the business use case playland of token Economics he doesn’t see the forest for the trees.
<773ab1f1> <@U036M05JL> FYI he recommended a finance and accounting background as disciplines to master. But honestly dude, I’d say you just need a skeptical mindset and be a member of this slack.
<773ab1f1> He had some fun charts explaining raising money, building a product, how token economics come j to play, but where I think he excelled was in strategy.
<773ab1f1> I.e. where to place yourself in the market in relationship to existing market demanding technologies.
<773ab1f1> His chosen use case to study in class was esports NFT items. Which yea is pretty cool, Clayton’s been preaching it for years.
<773ab1f1> But I hit him back with where I think you need to be and that was supporting the adoption of bitcoin. He is working with a local startup that has partnered with a Korean atm manufacturer to put a “buy bitcoin” button on existing atms.
<773ab1f1> He knew coinsource and some other local guys.
<773ab1f1> Bit4pay was who he was working with as an advisor
<773ab1f1> So I guess the main takeaway is, super nice guy, friendly, knew his shit to a degree, but is always going to be outsider looking in from his academic office. Probs a super great guy to know from a advice point of view.

<773ab1f1> 4th floor fun her building if anyone is lookin for him
<773ab1f1> The truth is, few are closer to blockchain than us.
<773ab1f1> He saw bitcoin through a lens of technological adoption instead of through economic laws. At your own peril Simon!
<773ab1f1> Anyway, invited him to PoL. If he shows up, I bet he wears a suit. That will throw off the PoL energy but whatever.
<8f79fcda> very interesting to hear
<8f79fcda> funny how gloopy the token project erc20 playland is
<773ab1f1> It’s like fly paper for business grads man. A wilderness of mirrors.
<773ab1f1> He spent quite a bit of time bashing the bitcoin early adopters for saying (his words) “we are going to overthrow the governments money, try and stop us”
<773ab1f1> He said you should grow under the radar then go to shake the governments hand at the right time.
<773ab1f1> I told him, that as soon as his esports NFT idea has success, it will be subject to government scrutiny
<773ab1f1> The way the AML laws are written covers anything of value.
<773ab1f1> Anyway, super productive convo, interesting POV.
<773ab1f1> I’m gonna ask him at a later date to sit in on one of his classes if anyone wants to join me.

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