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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 12 17:31:33 2020
<5547a085> The consumer shroom market is so different a model from weed, the production vs dosage is so different; a talented grower could work his ass off for a year and only produce “hits” for a few thousand people
<5547a085> Mushrooms at an industrial scale … I can’t even process this
<5547a085> A hillside in Texas after a great rain (like right now) that suddenly gets sun can produce several garbage bags of natural forming Golden Teachera
<9e126bf3> I wanna trade shroom futures
<5547a085> Idk if you guys have ever tripped hard on mushrooms, but this is essentially an alien invasion … Literally fuck tons of people are about to have their world views totally eroded
<9e126bf3> bring it on
<5547a085> Entity contact, ufo experience, spiritual exhaltation … Shit is going to get bizarre even if this stays an edge case and not mainstream, the order magnitude of shrooms availability increasing at this kind of scale is nuts
<5547a085> 10s or 100s of people are all it takes to start a single fad, cult, trend or new market
<9e126bf3> congress should eat shrooms before each session. We’d probably have way better results
<5547a085> Lookup 434, that guy is an early mover on youtube
<5547a085> Ayah is a better candidate for congress, they could still talk and stand upright, they would be singing and dancing
<5547a085> If someone set off a fumigation canister of pure crystalline DMT that could cover 10000 square feet, they would all be teleported to another dimension where there is a galactic high counsel and hundreds of lesser entities would be barbing these peoples souls in one magnificent group trip, and then world war 3 would be psycho-spiritual instead of kinetic

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