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Anon Ymous

Sat Feb 29 20:00:48 2020
<9e126bf3> You can’t really blame him IMO- the Fed and modern economics created this mentality. The real lesson of the Big Short is what happened after: not that shit will crash but that you can count on markets getting bailed out and hitting new highs after without much fundamentally changing that created the crash in the first place.
<9e126bf3> The real Big Short gameover moment is when inflation explodes, probably once USD loses reserve currency status globally
<9e126bf3> hello hyper inflation and $1 million bitcoin… also might witness breakup of the union as a side effect
<9e126bf3> I was just thinking last night- every empire that fell (to just become another euro country) and lost reserve currency status also lost territory and never regained it to this day…
<9e126bf3> <>
— U.S. Dollar Supremacy Could Quickly Fade
— The greatest risk to the US dollar may, in fact, come from within. The imposition of tariffs and sanctions create an opportunity for other countries to engage in bilateral trade. The decision to withdraw from the free trade initiatives such as the TPP and T-TIP weakens not only the prospects for…


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