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Anon Ymous

Tue Mar 31 01:00:04 2020
<99427222> <@U03694HFD> I figure you might dig this <>
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<99427222> <>
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<99427222> My PC^^ Stupid thing is awesome except one major flaw. You have to remove the fucking monitors to make any changes to it
<99427222> there’s no way to get into the desk without removing it
<99427222> also razer keyboards are aids. I replaced it
<75f07d61> your screens arent curved – GROSS!!
<75f07d61> what kind of halfass shit is that!
Get the fuck out of here!
<99427222> lol
<99427222> Curved screens are also HIV positive
<75f07d61> naww dawg you got some 3rd world rig going on
<75f07d61> eating bats and shit

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