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Anon Ymous

Sat Apr 4 16:54:26 2020
<6707bcd9> Now available in spicy southwestern

<8f79fcda> If you have an American flag, I’ll buy one
<8f79fcda> I’ll buy several
<8f79fcda> Just red white and blue would do
<6707bcd9> I /do/ have American flag!
<8f79fcda> What other flavors? My fiancé is interested too
<6707bcd9> This is the American flag pattern

<8f79fcda> Yesesse

<6707bcd9> Other patterns include: space planets, unicorns, cute animals, autism awareness puzzle, fireworks, lady bugs, pokemon, and minecraft

<6707bcd9> Also paisley and cute animal patterns

<6707bcd9> These are 100% cotton, so you can sterilize them easily in boiling water

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