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Anon Ymous

Tue Feb 4 18:58:49 2020
<6f5b7e2d> where is the mighty S4R at
<9e126bf3> I’m trying to bootstrap a new metal hub with a new community. The old hub went derelict and the regulars slipped away over time. So I made it public and bridged it with a slack I’ve been running with some cryptocurrency ppl so theres some activity here. Hoping people come back! This is transfix btw
<6f5b7e2d> why do I see garbage on your nickname <9e126bf3> <9e126bf3&gt
<6f5b7e2d> oh from slack?
<6f5b7e2d> I used to frequent this hub circa early 2000
<9e126bf3> Yeah I’m chatting from slack rn. I’m at work lol
<6f5b7e2d> I work remote
<9e126bf3> The weird characters are just hiding names by default, but also say where the message came from. It’s really just a hack to get some chatter going here again

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