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Anon Ymous

Thu Feb 6 23:03:50 2020
<02022656> hails
<02022656> why isnt this pw protected
<02022656> old skool man
<6f5b7e2d> hey!
<6f5b7e2d> yeah its public now
<6f5b7e2d> trying to get more people in or something
<9e126bf3> Database changed a bit since the old version of verlihub I was running so I just started with a fresh db after migrating to a new host. Since ppl are coming back I’ll spend a little time restoring the private accounts then make it pw only again
<6f5b7e2d> cool
<02022656> yeah yes
<02022656> I killed my pc 2018 september and havent used dc since
<6f5b7e2d> then how are you on
<02022656> but the call has been heared
<02022656> we got this whatsapp group for years w 3 other survivors
<6f5b7e2d> transfix gotta bridge it in here
<6f5b7e2d> would be nice
<6f5b7e2d> ill be back
<6f5b7e2d> dinner time
<02022656> dunno, we just shoot shit normocore
<6f5b7e2d> maybe a new group for sublevels on whatsapp
<02022656> Anarchaotical msg me thru and kinda thats why im here
<6f5b7e2d> thats me
<6f5b7e2d> <- anarch
<02022656> oh yeah
<6f5b7e2d> haha
<6f5b7e2d> brb dinner
<02022656> nice to meat u again
<02022656> cant memba all nicks instantly
<02022656> adress here kinda ez to remember
<8f79fcda> We got new frens!
<02022656> lets get this shit running yes
<9e126bf3> It’s really cool seeing ppl come back
<9e126bf3> I’ve bridged the hub with a slack group I help run… useful to chat in the hub without DC from my phone lol
<9e126bf3> Could try with what’s app too
<8f79fcda> don’t mind me i pretty much sage post and make fun of nancy pelosi’s leathery beef flaps
<9e126bf3> Lol

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