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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 16:44:49 2020
<9e126bf3> &gt; Overflow hospitals set up in Dallas and Houston were dismantled without ever being used, and the rate of new cases in Texas has dropped since April even as testing has expanded, down to a seven-day average of 5.3% as of Thursday, according to data from Abbott’s office. But experts still worry.
There exist experts that are not worrying though. They cherry pick “experts” to pretend there is professional consensus. There isn’t going to be a spike unless they really stretch the numbers. 50 -&gt; 58, 16% increase sounds scary! but less than 1300 dead after 6 to 7 months of covid exposure in Texas, maybe more? With 3 solid months of viruses bouncing around the public before Lockdown? I mean come the fuck on. This clown show must end now

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