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Day: September 17, 2023


Sun Sep 17 23:14:53 2023 (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: set the channel topic: Images that make you feel *something* (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: (*37855b6e*):: (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: I want this (*37855b6e*):: Having an animal friend is important. +public!


Sun Sep 17 23:20:34 2023 (*37855b6e*):: +public!


Sun Sep 17 21:24:31 2023 (*37855b6e*):: *** kustommike on X *** @shannonsharpeee @MoneyLynch @NFLonPrime *** X (formerly Twitter) (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: *** Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) on X *** Marshawn Lynch kickin it with Amish people is amazing :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :movie_camera:: @MoneyLynch , @NFLonPrime *** X (formerly Twitter) (*37855b6e*):: +public! (*37855b6e*):: Go boys


Sun Sep 17 19:09:27 2023 (*6952cd93*):: *** With democracy on the ballot, the mainstream press must change its ways | Margaret Sullivan *** The American press is failing to adequately emphasize the stakes of the coming election *** the Guardian (*6952cd93*):: The Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman pointed out last week that the media apparently […]


Sun Sep 17 18:21:50 2023 (*54b3f3ac*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Sun Sep 17 18:02:16 2023 (*4297a328*):: Nice roman salute you got there +public!


Sun Sep 17 16:47:04 2023 (*4e3d9761*):: (*4297a328*):: +public!


Sun Sep 17 15:39:34 2023 (*4297a328*):: +public!


Sun Sep 17 10:42:06 2023 (*6952cd93*):: san antonio roasts austin +public! *** ‘F**K NEW AUSTIN’ stickers mock Texas’s newest residents *** Old Austin vs. New Austin is reignited with a new, NSFW sticker. *** MySA


Sun Sep 17 09:35:43 2023 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** China’s S*x Army – Criminals Pair Up with the Chinese Government *** YouTube


Sun Sep 17 07:47:24 2023 (*6952cd93*):: +public! yet another culture commie struggle session *** Jann Wenner removed from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board after interview *** The Rolling Stone co-founder’s remarks to The New York Times about why he didn’t include interviews with Black or women artists in his book ‘The Masters’ […]


Sun Sep 17 03:56:57 2023 (*07ae591a*):: Vivek Ramaswamy: FELLOW and RECIPIENT of a SOROS fund. YES, THAT SOROS. (*4297a328*):: +public! (*4cfb807c*):: Vivek fake and gay confirmed :alert: (*4297a328*):: +publlic!


Sun Sep 17 02:50:08 2023 (*6952cd93*):: The standard to evict Paxton did not have to be whether he broke the law. Senators were called to vote on whether, based on the conduct outlined, Paxton was fit to continue in high public office. They failed the test. Lol these people are crying that on one […]


Sun Sep 17 00:18:10 2023 (*37855b6e*):: *** Brian Roemmele on X *** The iPhone takes an inferred image for FaceID every ~5 seconds. It is viewable in an inferred camera. It is sent locally to the Secure Enclave and not sent to the cloud, but few know this behavior is present in their iOS […]

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