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Anon Ymous

<09ed3757> all this commie symbolism is rustling my jimmies
<09ed3757> technically we’re propagating the meme and that unsettles me
<09ed3757> :face_vomiting:
<5547a085> Yeah that the heck
<5547a085> Are we to become like antifa and walk around with a red dash through a swastika?
<09ed3757> no – not at all
<09ed3757> i need more upside down american flags is what i need
<09ed3757> &lt;;

<09ed3757> &lt;!here&gt; this is more appropriate ^
<502edbb8> ooo i like that
<09ed3757> Antifa’s basically like “we don’t like swastikas anymore to express our feelings, so we’re rebranding”
<09ed3757> “but, just so you’re aware, we still want to show you swastikas”
<09ed3757> on a side note, we should add a 51st star for greenland

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