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Anon Ymous

<5547a085> To spitball, I could conceive of 1000 random Binance accounts which can receive deposits/withdraws via api … There are 130 exchanges plugged into ccxt library, so say 10000 random accounts (self-hosted email accounts, a password and an api token) across the board as a kind of liquidity pool can process from intermediary hosted wallets (escrow)
<5547a085> Prospective buy and sell is whatever the orderbook spot is …
<5547a085> Maybe if there was 1 million $ actively sitting on these exchange accounts, then orders could be processed faster in an ingress/egress fashion as long as the instrument tracking them prevents price drift from inevitable volatility
<5547a085> But generally, for what’s on those order books, if “an hour” or less is considered fast for closing an order, then this paradigm I describe is perfectly feasible

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