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Anon Ymous

Wed Jan 22 00:30:31 2020
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— US20190295733A1 – Plasma Compression Fusion Device – Google Patents
— A plasma compression fusion device which includes a hollow duct and at least one pair of opposing counter-spinning dynamic fusors. The hollow duct includes a vacuum chamber disposed within the hollow duct. Each dynamic fusor has a plurality of orifices and an outer surface which is electrically charged. In combination, the pair(s) of dynamic fusors create a concentrated magnetic energy flux and electromagnetic radiation within the vacuum chamber, whereby the concentrated magnetic energy flux compresses a mixture of gases that are injected through the orifices to the vacuum chamber such that a plasma core is created, and the to electromagnetic radiation heats the plasma core, while produced magnetic fields confine the plasma core between the dynamic fusors, such that when an additional mixture of gases is introduced into the plasma core through the orifices, an energy gain is created.
<8f79fcda> Apparently trump made a reference to “unheard of nuclear power capability”
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