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Anon Ymous

Thu Jan 23 22:38:07 2020
<d3f496ca> It has rhe potential to become a pandemic
<d3f496ca> consider sars and ebola: sars only died out because it was too lethal to spread, and the ebola outbreak in west africa stopped only because it mutated a benign strain that inoculated people against it
<d3f496ca> It’s a major loss of face for the CCP to close a city, especially one as big as wuhan (10 million people)
<d3f496ca> They wouldn’t do it unless they really had to
<d3f496ca> I’m not a doomsayer (or a coomsayer lol), I’d say be ready for anything

<d3f496ca> ^ just for fun
<d3f496ca> 8.6 miles between the only BSL-4 lab in china, and the wet market where this started

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