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Anon Ymous

Wed May 13 17:16:42 2020
<9e126bf3> We care about counterfeit masks because it is just more examples of the same deceit out of China. They are pathological liars yet have a huge amount of control over global policy now. And covid isn’t the hoax, the response to it is, largely to this pathological liar culture of plutocrats. Mostly pseudoscience to set up the greatest social experiment civilization has ever seen
<9e126bf3> It goes way back. <>
<9e126bf3> *largely due
<7d56dcb3> that AP news article is pro-government propaganda because it demonizes good capitalists only trying their best to meet the needs of the market vs an evil overbearing government stifling innovation with cumbersome regulations requiring masks to meet some arbitrary “standard”. this is free market capitalism and government regulations are only getting in the way of market inefficiencies! /s
<7d56dcb3> i mean hey if the CDC is telling medical professionals to wear masks and bandanas… masks with bandanas shouldn’t be a problem then…
<7d56dcb3> *masks with ear bands
<7d56dcb3> i mean hey if the CDC is telling medical professionals to wear scarves and bandanas… masks with ear bands shouldn’t be a problem then…
<8f79fcda> if i purchase a good (mask) and i am an informed consumer, would i purchase a mask that doesn’t meet the need? No. Counterpoint: if I purchase a mask, expecting it to meet the need, and the supplier of the mask says it meets the need, but in-fact it doesn’t – would that qualify as a deceptive practice? a counterfeit?
<9e126bf3> That means you get your money back or you start suing
<8f79fcda> yes. for fraud.
<8f79fcda> where do those two things fall in the capitalism/communism dicotomy? It doesn’t. It’s a betrayal of voluntary exchange between two market participants.
<7d56dcb3> if you order cheap masks on wish, do you blame wish, or yourself for being a gullible dumbass?
<8f79fcda> (me not knowing what “wish” is) – are they being advertised as medical masks? how about if my supply of actual medial masks is tainted with sub-par masks?
<7d56dcb3> it’s like chinese ebay, but notorious for products with prices that are too good to be true, and obviously don’t deliver. there’s memes and videos everywhere…
<9e126bf3> I guess that is true- joke is on anyone trying to get something legit from arbitrary sellers while being cheap. That’s true even on Amazon
<7d56dcb3> and especially during a crisis… people are selling all sorts of fake cures and remedies on ebay…
<7d56dcb3> well maybe not ebay… but facebook for sure…
<8f79fcda> we discussed the morality and ethics of stockpilers that bought all the clorox wipes in tennesee when this whole thing started
<8f79fcda> are they wrong to exploit a market inefficiency? no. but they were blamed and shamed for being astute market participants.
<8f79fcda> could we expand that to china? sure.
<8f79fcda> so why are people (except trump and constituents) not blaming and shaming china for it?
<8f79fcda> also, if the Tennessee guys were advertising colorox wipes, but they were kleenex dipped in colorox, would that constitute fraud? absolutely
<8f79fcda> we outsourced our capital engine across the world. we shouldn’t be surprised when it gets used against us. That would be like using the english language being used to take down the UK
<8f79fcda> sad part is, while america’s financial markets floated the global economy, it hollowed out the manufacturing base that made america the greatest economic engine in the world in the first place.
<8f79fcda> in the name of “Profit-ism”
<8f79fcda> the end result is that we have to use martial force to enforce the contracts that would normally be maintained through good-faith actors that abide by contract terms.
<8f79fcda> “speak softly and carry a big stick”

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