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Anon Ymous

Wed May 13 17:54:52 2020
<8f79fcda> The failure on our part as americans is not recognizing (or willfully ignoring) the externalities of exporting our manufacturing base, addiction to cheap shit from china, and incremental reduction in demand for us made products.
<8f79fcda> and don’t get me started on “greedy capitalists” using the CCP as a cat’s paw to exploit less-than-living wages, human rights abuses et. al.
<8f79fcda> in the last 30 years, the financial markets ALWAYS found cheaper labor outside of the US.
<9e126bf3> I think it is even worse than that. Globalists, internationalists, etc. sell out their countries as an ideology. CCP is working with globalists but they are nationalists, exploiting the greedy sellouts of other nations
<9e126bf3> It’s kind of like the Nazi playbook- all sorts of companies wanted to work with the Nazis because you could make serious bank during their rise.
<9e126bf3> But working with them is selling your soul and your country

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