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Anon Ymous

Fri Jan 10 04:10:11 2020
<403e98f2> The BBC announced on [[November 10th, 2019]] that 53 billion barrels of oil reserves had just been discovered in Iran. This is a whole new oil field. As of today 1 barrel is worth $63.06. That means that less than 2 months ago Iran discovered an additional $3.342 trillion under it’s soil that nobody, including them, knew that they had in addition to their 158 billion barrels in proven reserves. They went from having 25% less than Saudi Arabia to having 10% more. $3.342 trillion is a huge sum of money. It is equal to (Elon Musk + Warren Buffett + Jeff Bezos) times 14.69.

<403e98f2> + bank assets and repo market money. Doesn’t the stock market feel like bitcoin did at all time highs?

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