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Anon Ymous

Wed Aug 31 20:23:49 2022

(*6952cd93*):: +public! :clown_face:
*** Car fumes from exhaust and heavy braking raise risk of heart attacks 
*** Fumes pumped from vehicle exhausts and caused by heavy braking significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, a major study suggests.
*** Mail Online

(*54b3f3ac*):: NOT CV VACCINES!
(*6952cd93*):: Duh of course not!! :greta:
(*54b3f3ac*):: Haleon, pronounced “Hay-Lee-On,” will be GSK Consumer Health’s new name once it spins off from the group and debuts as a standalone company mid-2022, GSK unveiled Tuesday. The moniker combines blessings of “in good health” and “strength” from the words “Hale” and “Leon,” respectively.
(*6952cd93*):: Ho Lee Fuk
(*54b3f3ac*):: looks like it satred early this summer
(*54b3f3ac*):: and is traded too
*** TradingView Chart
*** TradingView

(*6952cd93*):: Looks like le garbage
(*54b3f3ac*):: Ho Lee Garbage.
(*54b3f3ac*):: didnt know they made emergen-c. i alwasy hated that stuff. no i know why. my sub conscience
(*6952cd93*):: Zicams work way better

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