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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 19:03:17 2020
<7d56dcb3> <@U03694HFD> must be those damn chinese commies… :face_with_rolling_eyes:
<9e126bf3> nah these are home grown
<7d56dcb3> i was being sarcastic. but when i tell people that our own gov is sometimes no better than the chicoms, they don’t believe me…
<9e126bf3> I really just see the problematic chicoms and the psychopaths here as two sides of the same shitty coin.
<9e126bf3> Average people on the ground in China and here have more in common than their psychopathic leadership
<7d56dcb3> the problem is that… chicom fuckery doesn’t really affect me directly, but USG fuckery does…
<9e126bf3> Well that’s true… the problem is those in USG importing chicom fuckery 😉
<7d56dcb3> many times, the two do work together to fuck over the common man.
<8f79fcda> <@U2S98EDNK> i’ll apologize for being a bit prickly – this whole group more-or-less started because we were “fed”-up (:laughing:) with endless overseas wars in ME shitholes
<7d56dcb3> not sure if we learned it from them, or they learned it from us to be honest.
<8f79fcda> (((i don’t know either))) lol :laughing:
<9e126bf3> :joy:
<7d56dcb3> i really don’t think it’s the chinese fucking us over, but the anti-intellectual assholes in charge who like to dumb down america into something like a real world dumbocracy.
<9e126bf3> I just want one of our “experts” to explain Belarus
<8f79fcda> has a bunch of east-west oil and gas pipelines to western europe
<8f79fcda> friendly to russia
<8f79fcda> doesn’t like poland
<9e126bf3> they didn’t shut down like a bunch of pussies and nothing happened. The media wont touch them except for some WaPo fake news a few days ago

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