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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 19:51:58 2020
<7d56dcb3> it’s really easy to overdose in vitamin D though if you’re not careful
<7d56dcb3> i was doing this and was photosensitive asf. couldn’t stand to go out into the sun at all.
<7d56dcb3> which actually… is where most people are supposed to get their vitamin D, sunlight.
people who take vit d supplements are usually in depressing low sunlight areas like oregon, seattle, and the arctic circle.
and even natives there got a lot of their vit D from traditional sources like fish oil.
<7d56dcb3> but yeah if you don’t go out much and get a lot of sunlight, and you’re feeling depressed, take a vit d supplement, see if it works. damn things are cheap asf.

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