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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 12 23:47:07 2020
<8f79fcda> Thot Police quarantined <>
<8f79fcda> probably “cuz iss waycisst”
<8f79fcda> &gt; ‘They’ can’t censor everything and everyone. Nor can ‘they’ throttle the rate at which data, info, media is being circulated. The only thing ‘they’ can do is throw up smoke and mirrors.
&gt; The renaming of the virus was a logical first step, as it provided a soft reset button on the global stage. Since then, there have been a handful more subs created. This one singular issue has been so splintered that it will confuse tf out of anyone looking into it for the first time. Separating truth from lies now take a considerable cognitive effort, which most people don’t have the patience or willingness to invest.
&gt; This is exactly how you play the global society that cannot digest anything beyond headlines, photos, 15s vid clips, and hashtags
<8f79fcda> <>

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