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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 26 20:01:42 2020
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— Interaction of silver nanoparticles with HIV-1
— The interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and microorganisms is an expanding field of research. Within this field, an area that has been largely unexplored is the interaction of metal nanoparticles with viruses. In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles exclusively in the range of 1–10 nm attached to the virus. The regular spatial arrangement of the attached nanoparticles, the center-to-center distance between nanoparticles, and the fact that the exposed sulfur-bearing residues of the glycoprotein knobs would be attractive sites for nanoparticle interaction suggest that silver nanoparticles interact with the HIV-1 virus via preferential binding to the gp120 glycoprotein knobs. Due to this interaction, silver nanoparticles inhibit the virus from binding to host cells, as demonstrated in vitro.

<8f79fcda> this shows the TEM images of colloidal silver binding to the spike protein sites of HIV

<8f79fcda> <> &lt;- you can get it at vitamin shoppe or gnc typically
— Sovereign Silver
— Discover the power of the #1 selling silver brand in the U.S. for unprecedented immune support and topical healing. Explore our product range for the whole family, even pets!
<8f79fcda> as with all things… dyor

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<8f79fcda> &gt; Ebola Czar Ron Klain then resigned and disappeared from public view. Expert commentators from the CDC and other government agencies who only weeks earlier were saying “It’s not a matter of _if_, but _when_” Ebola would spread like wildfire into the United States, were suddenly dead silent on the matter.
<8f79fcda> NOT IF BUT WHEN
<8f79fcda> sound familiar?

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