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Anon Ymous

Thu Feb 27 03:01:51 2020
<643f1644> I think the cats out of the bag
<643f1644> The thing about it being a “case of unknown origin” means there may be a spreader going around
<643f1644> The govt’s reaction to all this is improper. They’re using forehead thermometers at airports to check for fever. Thing is, that’s basically Scientology science, it doesn’t detect anything
<643f1644> Reaction is improper: this thing is asymptomatic for up to 29 days. Current protocols are quarantine for 14 days, based on initial information that underestimated the incubation period
<643f1644> Lastly, the test kits themselves only detect between 30% and 50% of cases
<643f1644> I don’t think we’re going to die, I do think the govt is delaying response to this to prevent panic
<643f1644> The delayed response is separate from the improper handling; they could be doing a much better job

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