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Anon Ymous

<09ed3757> Up an order of magnitude to .1btc
<09ed3757> &lt;@U8F8V823B&gt; cuz I try to use the word hate very little. I hate very few things. But I hate China(ccp). I hate that Bill Clinton gave rationale for them to be in the WTO. I hate that we allowed them to do our manufacturing in the first place. I hate that boomers were like &#8220;cheap and easy? fukkit have China do it.&#8221;
<09ed3757> I hate that we embolden their totalitarian regime without second thought.
<09ed3757> It&#8217;s all on fucking toothpicks – and we helped them replace those toothpicks with lumber
<09ed3757> It&#8217;s turtle hate all the way down and the bottom turtles rest on marxism
<5547a085> Great allegory

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