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Anon Ymous

Sat Jan 4 18:37:32 2020
<21c2e595> Ya not sure if that iran 24k means anything tho. It’s only 2 people on localbitcoins in that area so..
<09ed3757> In the volume sense no
<21c2e595> With his last sale all the way back in feb 2019.
<09ed3757> They&#8217;ve been cracking down pretty hard on cyber in Iran – hard to be an operator in that env I imagine
<09ed3757> iirc Iran said they&#8217;re launching a national cryptocurrency a while back
<21c2e595> Ya but volume proves that its valid. Any of us can put high asks in a book but bc 2 of us do it it means nothing. Better to look at actual spot price. Good news is btc did seem to pop on the news tho. Articles like that are misleading by not providing context ya know?
<09ed3757> 100%
<09ed3757> They&#8217;re propaganda outlets just like the rest of them
<09ed3757> Makes me think about the actors more… who&#8217;s selling? Who&#8217;s their supplier
<09ed3757> What does the bitcoin network graph look like in Iran

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