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Anon Ymous

Sun Jan 5 23:35:17 2020
<403e98f2> ETC big in China
<403e98f2> But what about stock buybacks!!!
<21c2e595> <@UM0TYPAQ5> it was not. Just a few people had asks at 24k. That dont mean anything. They have never been filled. You can put an ask on an exchange for that amount too but it means nothing. Fake news.
<21c2e595> Lol iran put 80m bounty on trump… I wonder how legit that is. 80m seems like nothing for that amount of risk
<403e98f2> No it still is that at local bitcoin
<403e98f2> Assasination markets by Jim bell was an interesting cypher punk paper
<403e98f2> It is local bitcoins. Do you see what the lowest price is :).
<403e98f2> Comparatively volume on btc on local bitcoin is on par with anything else Iran can try. But it also shows people are willing to part only for that price
<8f79fcda> 80m is cheap considering you won’t be around to enjoy it…
<403e98f2> Agreed. I’d subcontract it
<8f79fcda> “Fuck, we have all this money, wtf are we going to do with all of that money”

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