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Anon Ymous

Thu Feb 13 16:32:50 2020
<8f79fcda> <!here> <@U03694HFD> <@U07MMSG8M> <@U8F8V823B> <@UM0TYPAQ5> <@U4FQ46RGU> <@UCSR5G9B3> <@U3TK24FU1> <@US896JRRD> <@U03A64PPM> would you guys be interested in upgrading the slack to a paid plan? it’s 8$/month per person. I’m sure with the big brains in here we can figure out a payment channel for it (probs fiat)
<8f79fcda> we can still invite guests and whatnot
<8f79fcda> <>
<773ab1f1> Ill chip in
<8f79fcda> it could be a monthly billable thing through paypal or something
<8f79fcda> there’s also a barrier for non-payers to get engaged :disappointed:
<8f79fcda> but we could add more integrations for other things
<8f79fcda> obv there’s not really a timeline on making a decision, just figure i’d bring it up – we have 6 years of history in the slack and almost 100k messages in the archive lol

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