atx crypto club



Anon Ymous

Mon Mar 30 02:42:46 2020
<8f79fcda> <@U010NLQA8GK> welcome to the club!
<99427222> Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:
<99427222> I’m a long term friend of Stefan and Joe
<8f79fcda> what brings you to our comfy little corner of the internet :slightly_smiling_face:
<8f79fcda> cool!
<8f79fcda> ncie to meet you
<99427222> The lil’ guy in the icon is Porkchop.
<99427222> Likewise!
<8f79fcda> lol perfect name
<99427222> That Trump image made me lol
<8f79fcda> yea, we have lots of memes :slightly_smiling_face:
<8f79fcda> <#C5BRA4S1G|memeland> some more exciting than others lol

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