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Anon Ymous

Mon Mar 30 03:41:06 2020
<9e126bf3> lol sounds good man, can’t wait for this crazy BS to be over
<99427222> I told Shane we talked yesterday and he was like “IM NOT PLAYING MELEE”
<9e126bf3> haha
<99427222> Btw, Melee is the only true Smash game if you haven’t kept up to date. However, in the latest one… ganon’s actually gayer than aids
<99427222> His foot that you never mean to do, fucking sucks you in
<9e126bf3> lmao
<9e126bf3> get me his email, I’ll send him an invite here
<99427222> I don’t think its changed
<99427222> <|>
<99427222> Shane is more Shane than ever btw
<99427222> If he changed, he got more Shane lololol
<773ab1f1> Join #fitness !
<99427222> omfg
<99427222> its a blast from the fucking past
<9e126bf3> sup <@U01127YDJ3Y> been a while dude
<99427222> gonna gamble his first post gets him banned
<9a66bb25> hello
<9e126bf3> lmao
<99427222> LOL
<9a66bb25> so slack is just another discord huh
<9e126bf3> aackshully discord is another slack
<9a66bb25> google hangouts for lyfe* (*end of 2020)
<9e126bf3> :disappointed: I’m still using hangouts at work but I’ve switched to <|whereby> mostly now
<6707bcd9> I’d be down to hop on whereby for a min if folks are chatting
<9a66bb25> what is this place
<9a66bb25> who. are. these. people. /seinfeld

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