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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 21:40:58 2020
<87db2fe9> <@U2S98EDNK> Austin has lots of industrial manufacturing
<87db2fe9> 3M has a plant in bee caves, Apple manufactures their desktop machines in north Austin
<87db2fe9> There are numerous wafer fabs (including Samsung)
<87db2fe9> And if Musk wants to move to Texas (remember he just put seven houses on the market in LA), Austin is the most likely place he’d go, and why not build his plant nearby
<87db2fe9> Also: absent the sheet metal, cars are mostly put together from components that auto makers source from other companies
<87db2fe9> Axles, engines, air bags (e.g. Takata), electric window motors, switches, spark plugs – auto makers don’t manufacturers don’t make any of this themselves
<5547a085> BAE systems, tons of other engineering firms

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