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Anon Ymous

Fri Jan 31 16:03:55 2020
<403e98f2> Linkedln still a thing?
<502edbb8> I almost had a painful physical reaction when I had to pull it up.
<502edbb8> I strolled through my ‘feed’ for old times sake. Place is a dumpster fire.
<403e98f2> My profile still up but I haven’t been back since 2013. It was too much so I left
<9e126bf3> mine looks ok lol
<9e126bf3> lots of old co-workers trying to get me to work for their company so they can collect a hiring bonus lmao
<502edbb8> I wish the internet would just ‘reboot’ and we could start all over
<502edbb8> My main complaint with social networks that are attached to someone’s name rather than their handle is anyone i met over three years ago, i don’t really want to hear from on the reg
<502edbb8> And cruising that shit just bums me out. I don’t want to live in the past

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