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Anon Ymous

Sat Jan 18 02:45:39 2020
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— How ‘spooky’ is quantum physics? The answer could be incalculable
— Proof at the nexus of pure mathematics and algorithms puts ‘quantum weirdness’ on a whole new level.

<9e126bf3> &gt; “What’s amazing is that quantum complexity theory has been the key to the proof,” says Toby Cubitt, a quantum-information theorist at University College London.
<9e126bf3> Dude’s name is Cubitt :joy: guess he’s in the right field
<9e126bf3> It seems that while nature appears quantized and finite, there exist systems that can have infinite properties and attributes and can’t be simplified or modeled by a finite set… at least that’s what I can glean from here.

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