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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 19 18:34:33 2020
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— The Fourth Annual ZH Live Fight Club and General Weirdness at Devils Tower
— “Where’s your will to be weird?” – Jim MorrisonĀ 
<5547a085> <@U8F8V823B> “`If you, or someone you know, is ready, willing, and weird enough to travel to Devils Tower National Monument, May 22-24, for free, and talk about one of the following topics with some degree of expertise, or other weird topics, then please send an email to: The Live Fight Club Speaker, Music, and Booze Selection Committee, care of yours truly, hedgeless @ protonmail .ch

Ultra Running
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Brewing and Distilling
Writing Trading Algorithms
Dog Training
Technical Analysis of Price Trends“`
<5547a085> ^ you could definitely speak to the ZH crowd about TA
<9e126bf3> sweet

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