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Anon Ymous

Thu Jan 9 23:06:23 2020
<a92da8d9> Hi guys! Sorry, I haven’t been active in this group, or slack much in general the past several months. But I thought I would see if anyone here is familiar the Rust programming language, in addition to JavaScript. We are now beginning our development for Sol id next week. If anyone wants to connect with me for an opportunity to work with us, I’d love to talk.

I have a product design built we can discuss capabilities around. Cheers!
<a92da8d9> Bare bones communication here, but we’re making a big run at providing solutions for people in support of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

— Take id to the bank with Sol id
— Data is currency, but you don’t have an invite to that game yet. That privilege has been reserved for the biggest players in big tech. Save the date, and reserve your invite to Identity ownership and data sovereignty coming in 2020.

<a92da8d9> I was also hoping to get an update on potential on use cases for Bob the bot. I’ve always thought there could be some synchronicities that could align to work together.

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