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Anon Ymous

<403e98f2> Nice. For OSINT stuff I find Vortimo to be pretty solid. Very good when going through large database of shit like 29Leaks where theres a shit ton of shell companies and board members that cross pollinate &lt;;
<403e98f2> took a solid 3-4 hrs to get a feeling for how to organize and use decently.
<403e98f2> Oh shit guys forgot to recommend &lt;;. It took a longer time to get use to 6-10hrs, but now I use it for my writing. Bi-dirtectional links and embedding shit is what I was missing
<403e98f2> It has elements of ted nelson&#8217;s xanadu, which is where the web is hopefully moving towards.
<403e98f2> &#8226; fuzzy tag search
&#8226; automatic display of backlinks
&#8226; global auto update of wikilinks on rename
&#8226; graph view (showing linking relations between pages)
&#8226; page transclusion + also (!) block transclusion&#160;

<403e98f2> treating notes as a graph instead of a hierarchy
<403e98f2> &lt;;
<403e98f2> _You basically have the potential to crawl my entire digital workspace at the most atomic level_

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