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Anon Ymous

Mon Mar 30 17:01:25 2020
<99427222> There was literally a conversation where a “friend” of mine bashed Trump for his shitty economy because it crashed when breathing became illegal. He wasn’t joking at all.
<99427222> I”m not a fan of this chick, but somebody sent this to me and well my balls need to be emptied now

<9e126bf3> Yeah it’s funny, all the dip shit commies saying “why is capitalism so great if it needs bailing out” when were closer to socialism than anything resembling free markets. Plus there is no way to not crash if everything stops

<9e126bf3> Lol
<99427222> … i should probably ask this in a different order
<99427222> NSFW content…
<99427222> I didn’t even think about it lol
<99427222> Should I not post it?
<99427222> I figure not a big deal w/ the quarantine thing but for future reference

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