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<403e98f2> <9e126bf3> lol


<403e98f2> Nice. For OSINT stuff I find Vortimo to be pretty solid. Very good when going through large database of shit like 29Leaks where theres a shit ton of shell companies and board members that cross pollinate &lt;; <403e98f2> took a solid 3-4 hrs to get a feeling for how to organize and use decently. […]


<9e126bf3> yeah I wish I thought of it lol, just saw it going around this morning on twatter


<09ed3757> That&#8217;s a howler lol


<502edbb8> Ayyooo lol


<9e126bf3> What&#8217;s the difference between Epstein and the Democratic party? Epstein didn&#8217;t kill himself.


<09ed3757> &lt;|; <09ed3757> Barely electable drunkard.


<502edbb8> &lt;; The debate continues


<403e98f2> Bitcoin has 2 options: (1) Make every output dirty. Kind of a reverse fungability. Dirty all the coins so they are forced to use tainted sats. Ideally a miner would payout via coinjoins to start. But otherwise everyone should go to a dark market, create an address and send coins there, then return them. […]


<5547a085> Omg that’s too good <5547a085> This is a brave new world <5547a085> Why the eff dont I invest in my own imagination more, this gives me so many ideas


<502edbb8> &lt;@UM0TYPAQ5&gt; &lt;; &amp;lt;— heads up. I doubt you can make it, but keep an eye on these guys, maybe they post some webcasts

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