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Anon Ymous

<9e126bf3> We need to impeach the word “impeach”
<9e126bf3> Also I saw the new SW yesterday, its basically return of the jedi imo.. not bad though. Entertaining enough.
<502edbb8> Caught ‘the lighthouse’ last night, super good
<502edbb8> filmed in a funky aspect ratio, cineamotography was badass remicent of 1950s german black and white films
<9e126bf3> Sounds cool I gotta check that out
<502edbb8> Ahab from Moby dick vibe
<502edbb8> This guy becomes a ‘wicki’ which is a light hosue operator on some far flung shore, and he’s gotta deal with this ahab type guy who is pretty intense. Hallucinations, cabin fever set in. With allegories to greek mythology and a lovecraftian/space odessy type energy in the last bit

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