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Anon Ymous

Fri Jan 24 19:06:01 2020
<5547a085> I should do this more often
<8f79fcda> you’re a devops guy – you have Business analysts to do this type of stuff
<8f79fcda> i.e. me
<5547a085> But what if there are not biz analysts around???
<8f79fcda> then you need to tell your boss that your organization is severely lacking for not having skilled biz analysts that know how to actually analyze systems with discipline
<8f79fcda> i’m cursed
<8f79fcda> :sad_pepe:
<5547a085> <|>
— Joe Rogan Smeared As “White Nationalist Transphobe” After Bernie Sanders Accepts His Endorsement
— Yes, really…

<8f79fcda> :clown_face: :trumpet: :trumpet:

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