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Anon Ymous

Fri Feb 21 17:42:12 2020
<9e126bf3> Sanders’ plan is bad because it’s more than just paying X amount of taxes for everyone having full coverage. He is talking about complete nationalization of healthcare. Doctors will essentially be gov workers with less rights than normal citizens like when people join the military. All healthcare documentation will be centralized in a single fed gov database. Only specific standards of healthcare practice will be allowed
<8f79fcda> but, why? is it just prices? or quality of care?
<75f07d61> So you’re saying quality will be compromised?
<8f79fcda> 1000% yes
<9e126bf3> Yes. For one, healthcare is already totalitarian, and doctors doing shit like telling people to adjust their diets and take supplements instead of taking a big pharma pill are getting in trouble, have to go under forced psych evaluation or risk losing their license to practice
<8f79fcda> Thought Experiment: Raise your kid to be a doctor and then tell him that, after 12 years of schooling, his labor is not his own and he has no control over how he practices medicine.
<9e126bf3> this new M4A system would only double down on that sort of treatment of doctors that believe certain official standards of care are not the best for some patients
<9e126bf3> Also the obsession to bean count every little thing in a centralized database creates a hyper surveillance state that is knowledgable about the most intimate things about every person. And as we can see in NHS- if the government doesn’t like you, they can brand you a “bad person” undeserving of the same treatment offered to everyone else
<9e126bf3> <>
— NHS staff can refuse to treat racist or sexist patients under new rules
— The NHS will soon bar discriminatory patients from non-critical care – powers that currently only cover aggression or violence.

<75f07d61> Alright we’ve kept it private, insurance companies have lobbied to insert themselves into the system and we have our current day system. By publishing the actual cost, consumers will contest the inflated costs leading to change. Man I’m all for empowering people but I’m sceptical on having faith it won’t be circumvented with inflated costs elsewhere
<75f07d61> Damn I love how y’all go hard on big brother!
<75f07d61> That is scary and sounds a lot like China’s credit system
<75f07d61> So what if it were written into law not to track that info / keep a database?

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