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Anon Ymous

Fri Feb 21 18:02:18 2020
<5547a085> Yes, things will just suck even worse
<75f07d61> Why would a doctor not treat someone the same as another person?
<5547a085> Yes, things will just suck even worse and there will be 100 more asinine excuses on what manufactured problems are depending on the shifting political optics — not to mention the side effects of political climate; UK is already refusing to treat “racist” patients as a part of the same agenda; China will refuse its citizens based on their social credit score; did you say climate change is not man made somewhere in your social media history? Maybe your kids don’t deserve to have cancer treatment or their cold symptoms looked at. Sorry.
<75f07d61> Hell they already do this if you walk-in with no health care
<5547a085> They are supposed to, it is part of the Hippocratic oath, they betray that oath by conforming to these bastardisation policies
<5547a085> Its not a trivial security concern to keep records safe — the argument from the beginning was that sharing and storing records would help treatment and they’ll wheel out all the lifesaving examples in defense; policy/law should still err toward privacy

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