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Anon Ymous

Mon Jan 6 03:20:08 2020
<403e98f2> So I’m thinking a few things:

Iran, Syria and co co. / theircitizens especially really use to war and drones. Like a million people died in the 80s in the Iraq-Iran war. They have drones in their life and isis chillin in their backyard.

They are more adjusted to that environment. Their infrastructure sucks so power going out to them is nada. Iran’s Internet was being shut down for 3 days: <|>
They also are use to cyber attacks (which people mock, but this week I’m moving stuff offline and eventually uploading to bsv). People laugh but don’t they remember Atlanta’s recent cyber attack?

It angers me because the news ( even Jim Cramer) are saying Iran can’t hack shit and the stock market won’t be affected..: again we aren’t ready to get punched in the face.

Okay I’m taking awhile to get to my question. One more thing: we are pussies nowadays. The men are women and the women are now men. most people are on some kind of prescription and can’t deal with the emotional pain of not getting a like on a fab post. The happy hours can’t be to inexpensive and the vacation houses have a 40year old divorcee drinking read wine asking why her life sucks. We have it good but most of America is on an antidepressant or should be.

What will happen to us if shit gets real? Not physically, but emotionally. Most don’t have the capability to manage their mental health under stessful but ultimately safe situations. how do we react?

I’ve been watching footage of the Baltimore hack where no ransomware payment was made. 6mo offline. We can learn a lot from that and hurricane katrina/Harvey.

Because we can destroy every everything in Iran. But they can continue to use the leaked nsa tools for years against us. The costs (human labor, lives, and scale) of going after small town America would be devastating. While our troops are over there doing what they do best, we are dealing with people that haven’t had to deal with REAL issues before.

What about hitting pharmacies where people can’t get their drugs? I was thinking about this because with my epilepsy meds I need to make sure I got at least a 30 day+ extra supply. But that’s nothing compared to others.

Let alone our hospitals…

Let alone emergency response (Dallas has had emergency alarms hacked twice since 2017).

Sorry for the rant. Sitting on the toilet and got to stream of consciousness writing. Not reviewing for errors or nonsense.
— What makes Iran’s internet blackout different
— Iranians are still offline, three days after the government pulled the plug on the internet amid nationwide anti-government protests.

<403e98f2> TLDR Americans on the whole are emotionally weak. How will we deal with the theatre of war being where we live: The internet.
<403e98f2> We get hit a few times with some jabs and the markets may freak
<403e98f2> People lose jobs. More homelessness. More mortgages that can’t be paid.

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