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Anon Ymous

Mon Jan 6 01:31:32 2020
<5547a085> Fuel is tricky, even if you have a truck for example, 20 – 60 gallons is heavy, and it only gets you another 400 miles + 400 miles in an existing topped off tank … Where are you going within 800 miles? Will there be fuel there too? I think a cheap rural airbnb is a modern luxury even in shtf, economics dont necessarily change; true cataclysmic events over 2 weeks are very difficult to plan for, if that’s how you feel then buy some cheap rural land asap and spend frugally to make it something worth surviving on, get a cheap camper or maybe something that already has a structure with a well. That can be as little as $30k/$40k for a title if you can drive 2 – 3 hours from your current residence. Loan, contract and closing date can be a month. The main idea is to stay away from urban areas, fortify and stay dialed in. But none of this should be rushed. Just be pragmatic and chill. Trade that volvo in for a truck lol

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