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Anon Ymous

Sat Jan 4 22:49:03 2020
<8f79fcda> Know the secret ways to get out
<8f79fcda> Know where you would fall back to
<8f79fcda> Have enough supplies to get to your destination
<9e126bf3> have prepper friends :sunglasses:
<8f79fcda> And have prepped friends 🙂
<8f79fcda> Your &#8220;load out&#8221; depends on your circumstance
<8f79fcda> Like, a bike is sufficient for quick exit through small alleyways
<8f79fcda> And you can chain different locations together
<8f79fcda> Protip: in shtf (shit hits the fan) scenarios, libraries are super secure actually
<8f79fcda> And under the radar
<502edbb8> What kinda threat modeling you guys doin
<502edbb8> I mean, ‘shit hitting the fan’ in my mind is more the government coming after you, less zombie apocolypse
<502edbb8> Less so, but also a criminal org
<502edbb8> (coming after you)
<502edbb8> Cyber attack bringing down power grid is another one
<8f79fcda> Yea, cyberattack(zombie riots), Infrastructure(grid, gas, goods), UN style intervention/malicious actor are the 3 most likely imo
<8f79fcda> Read your Bible for anything above that line (solar flare, nuke, floods)
<8f79fcda> Part of the model is likelihood that a certain natural disaster would happen in your area
<8f79fcda> E.g. I&#8217;d prep for flooding if I live in Mississippi, I wouldn&#8217;t prepare for it (as much) living in Arizona
<8f79fcda> A good book I read (from brave new books) is called &#8220;patriots&#8221;
<8f79fcda> About different personas and how they navigated a shtf

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