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Anon Ymous

Thu Jan 23 04:39:07 2020
<8f79fcda> Interesting
<8f79fcda> MBA vs what I got (MSTC) … idk mba puts you right into a good position
<502edbb8> I’ve got a few meeting at UT Austin on Jan 28th to check out their program. I’ll gather all this info and give you guys a rundown.
<502edbb8> It’s a difficult case to make. I think it might make me pretty happy though.
<502edbb8> I used to skeez on some shit back in the day
<502edbb8> You got access to the career center in the college of business if you took one class at that university. I used that to get access to wtamu and UNTs career center
<502edbb8> If we are going to have the “it’s the network you build” conversation, I can skeez my way into that without peeling off 100k
<502edbb8> I even told the lady at SMU that.
<502edbb8> Not like, _exactly_ that, but I told her I’ve used that strategy at wtamu.
<502edbb8> It’s within policy.
<502edbb8> She said it was pretty clever and thank god not a lot of people think like that
<502edbb8> Fact of the matter is, I think the 100k MBA is for schmucks and I think I can hack together a compriable program for 25% of the cost
<502edbb8> One of the most interesting parts of the convo I had with the lady was regarding the “business” of higher education
<502edbb8> I basically said “listen you gotta explain to me how this higher education works as a business and cut the shit cuz I don’t Wana hear it”
<502edbb8> Why turn away students with money in hand? You do know these federally subsidized loans are pumping the price right? (Duh) why not just build more buildings and hire more profs. Where is the intrinsic value of your degree? Enumerate it exactly.
<502edbb8> What’s the deal with endowments and donors?
<502edbb8> So this is kinda like a non-profit?
<502edbb8> I talked to some Indian kid behind the counter at the SMU gym where I lift and asked him what he was doing. He said graduate degree in telecom college of engineering. I asked him what his classes where. He said INTRO to LINUX and INTERNET PROTOCOLS. I was floored.
<502edbb8> To be fair it was his first year, but also that semester cost 30k all the same
<502edbb8> I told him if he wanted to come over and do my laundry I’d teach him that shit
<502edbb8> I even told this to that lady. She said “well, maybe he knew of no other way to get the knowledge”
<502edbb8> In the end I compared it to the fashion industry, where a shirt could cost 1000$ that costs 20$ to make.
<502edbb8> Anyway, in the end she was still kinda trying to sale her program and wouldn’t have a full and frank convo with me on the topic. She got close though.
<502edbb8> She said she has been in higher education for 4 years and still didn’t fully get it.
<502edbb8> Poli Sci undergrad, MBA from some other uni
<8f79fcda> Marry her and be her guru
<502edbb8> I’m pretty sure she knows the system is full of shit
<502edbb8> It doesn’t take long to realize that
<8f79fcda> Yep
<502edbb8> She invited me to an invite only (all I had to do was show up unannounced in my gym clothes to get the invite) open house event on feb 1st
<502edbb8> I’m gonna go there and get a feel for why the other students think this is a good idea
<502edbb8> I’m gonna ask some more questions about what it takes to “audit” a class (it costs like 20$). Also I Wana run by the career center in the college of business and see how savvy those guys are. I’m up there at the gym almost everyday. I’ve just never wandered into the college of biz before.
<502edbb8> Maybe all I need is a few classes to audit, a gym membership and a resume coach.
<502edbb8> Save myself 100k
<502edbb8> In the end she compared it to a “finishing school”
<502edbb8> Which, although somewhat distasteful, strikes me as an honest assessment

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