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Anon Ymous

Tue Feb 4 01:03:52 2020
<773ab1f1> Ahhh, thats the big question. One that requires rigorous honesty
<773ab1f1> I think mostly, I don’t know what I want to do next. Which is a _terrible_ reason for doing it
<773ab1f1> As a matter of fact, I have decided against it and the reason was, I saw this in the prospective students.
<773ab1f1> It’s terrible, at least as the first course of action. There are half measures I can take
<773ab1f1> For example, why not just get a career coach, a college age girlfriend, a gym membership and a couple of business books to read by a pool or something.
<773ab1f1> (Which is what I have decided to do, at first at least). Maybe these measure will be insuffient. If and when I face that reality, I will reevaluate.
<773ab1f1> The cost is just _so high_)_’_
<773ab1f1> All the recent alumni where trying to convince me to do it as if to validate their own decision and due to the restraints placed upon their thinking by cognitive dissonance that disallows them to hand opinions in direct conflict with their actions
<773ab1f1> The jobs they were pitching post grad were jobs I’ve already have and left.
<773ab1f1> Is there value in a degree? Assuredly. Is there a 100k value _for me?_ Nah, probs not.
<773ab1f1> I will say, the guy, Jason, running the graduate career center was total fucking pro and only underlined how cool a badass career coach would be at this point
<773ab1f1> The idea that you are going to graduate and then ‘know what to do next’ I think is folly

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