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Anon Ymous

<502edbb8> Holy Fuck.

<502edbb8> Poster for the Restored Re-Release of 1985’s ‘Come And See’
<502edbb8> So when I was in college I was dead broke. I mean, dead broke. Couldn’t afford food broke. The one thing I could afford to do though was to pirate movies. I must have watched 800 movies.
<502edbb8> There was always this one movie that left an incredibly huge mark on me.
<502edbb8> It starts out like early in WW2. Two kids find a buried AK47. They dig it up and start playing war.
<502edbb8> Anyway, I won’t ruin it for you, but its the most intense movie I have ever seen. Kick you in the teeth cinema.
<502edbb8> for the past ten years, ever few months I would wonder what the movie’s name was. Turns out, it’s come and see, they are doing a remake (oh god). and I just found out about it on reddit.
<502edbb8> &lt;; trailer is here
<502edbb8> oh shit its not a remake its a remastering (thank god)
<502edbb8> Tread carefully. This is the most intense movie I have ever seen.
<502edbb8> I can remember the scenes like yesterday

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