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Anon Ymous

Sat Jan 11 04:36:44 2020
<5547a085> <!here> Saturn is about to be conjunct Pluto and peaks Jan 12th, which is astrologically a nuclear bomb (the last time this happened was 9/11); particularly this will hit cancers and Capricorn the worst
<5547a085> I’m parroting coast to coast radio a little bit here, but you know, FYI
<5547a085> Be patient and compassinate with your loved ones, a lot of folks are going through a hard time right now
<16108387> Funny to hear astrology tal kin here
<16108387> My GF is big on this and has been warnign of this for a while
<5547a085> Its a thing
<5547a085> <@UCA3P8C3C> were not alp hardliners all the time lol
<5547a085> I have a &lt;3 too

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