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Anon Ymous

<403e98f2> Dude no one can get their gold. Feds are to scared to audit our own. At least its on mainland usa. remember when Venzeuala and others tried to THEIR gold from the Bank of england last year? I member. Imagine texas trying to get THEIR Gold from the Fed (bank of england board members cough investors cough shareholders cough). How many years AFTER winning the legal battle to get OUR gold back did it take? 5 years?
<403e98f2> Imagine if we asked for it in 2004 and 2009 happend. do you think we&#8217;d get the gold?
<403e98f2> I&#8217;d rather be centralized with gold because then texas has more cards. we gots the oil. we gots the lockhead. We gots the spacestation. Now we gots the gold 🙂

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