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Anon Ymous

<09ed3757> in response to a guy saying “communism is a labor-rights movement”:
<09ed3757> “`I’d agree that worker exploitation is an issue, however, the same banner that is flown in china to be “for the people” (maoist/marxist derivative communism) also has forced labor camps, slave labor, prison labor, human trafficking, and a myriad of other social problems related directly to the exploitation of workers. so a “no-true-scotsman” fallacy could be used as a “it’s not real communism” – but the chinese (CCP), to this day espouse Xi-brand communism as the “solution to all our woes” while simultaneously using capitalism like a cudgel against economic competitors.

Whether that’s “America’s fault for externalizing the issue of cheap labor via offshoring” or an actual function of the systemic problems inherent in communist rule – that’s a real debate. Case-in-point: Chinese communist party members (true believers) exploit the worker and auction it off at bargain basement prices to “capitalists” thereby fueling the commie/cappy dichotomy. And if those laborers speak up – it’s a mass grave for you and your entire family.

(I don’t really buy-in to the dichotomy of commie/cappy as it was first framed by Marxists to sully the idea of ownership. I’d also say that the labor-rights movement is more a human rights issue than full-bore political party.)

if you’re saying that communism is a “feel good labor rights movement” seperate from the genocidal outputs it creates, I’d contest that.

That being said, if contemporary armchair “communists” were to ascribe to what you’re saying (labor rights etc.) – they would oppose Chinese communism in every way except in their clickbait talking points. If those same people (edit: genuinely) support Chinese brand communism (Stalinist/maoist doctrine), they are more closely aligned with ethnonational fascists.“`
<09ed3757> may have bridged the gap between chinese brand communism and ethnonational fascism. if only weakly

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